33 Signs You’re Financially Stable

I remember the trip to Target like it was yesterday. My wife and I were trying to decide between dental floss and aluminum foil. As newlyweds who were still paying off my debt, we had no breathing room.

We were not the picture of financial stability. Being financially stable means one thing – having peace of mind.

We did not have peace of mind in Target that day. We were at a dead end and had no idea how to improve our situation.

Fast forward nearly 20 years and a lot has changed for us. We max out our retirement accounts every year, pay off our credit cards in full each month, and spending just to spend holds little value to us.

Signs You Are Financially Stable


There isn’t one single trait that makes you financially secure. It’s the whole picture that determines whether or not you’re financially stable. We all have different journeys, so every situation is unique.

Review the following signs and use them as a starting point to gauge your financial stability.

1. You Can Handle an Emergency


One of the first signs of being financially comfortable is having a well-stocked emergency fund.

Emergencies happen all the time. Unfortunately, most people can’t handle a $400 emergency.

Most experts say you need to have a 6-12 month emergency fund. While it may feel overwhelming to save that amount, don’t get discouraged.

Start with a goal to save $250 and build from there. Maybe you can set aside $50 from each paycheck to reach your goal. Eventually, you will have several months of expenses in your emergency savings.

If you’re trying to figure out how to become financially stable and are not currently saving, pick an online savings account with no fees. CIT Bank is a great option since it pays interest and you can automate transfers.

You only need to deposit $100 to open a high yield savings account or money market.

2. You Have No Problem Splurging on Yourself


Splurging has a lot to do with financial security. If you can splurge, it means that your budget can withstand a special purchase without hurting your financial health.

Keep in mind that using your credit card without knowing when you’ll pay it off is an entirely different thing.

Try setting aside cash each month for planned large purchases. You can also wait at least 24 hours before making an expensive impulse purchase.

3. You Invest Every Month


Not investing every month was a financial mistake I made for far too long. I thought I needed to have a lot of money to start investing, so I held back.

It is easier than ever to invest small amounts of money. Many brokerages now let you buy fractional shares of stocks and funds with as little as $5 per trade. You don’t pay trade commissions either.

Investing regularly helps grow your net worth and allows you to be financially comfortable in retirement. Whether you invest in a 401(k) plan, an online brokerage account, or some other account, you’re actively growing your wealth every month.

If managing your investments seems challenging, using a robo-advisor like Betterment can help you invest money every month.

If you’re more of a DIY investor, you can start with next to nothing by choosing an app like Stash Invest. This allows you to start investing with as little as $5.

When you open an account with Stash Invest they start you off with $5 so you can invest in stocks or ETFs immediately.

4. You Have A Low DTI


DTI, or Debt-to-Income Ratio, measures your monthly debt obligations against what you make. Therefore, a lower DTI is better. You can get a mortgage with a DTI as high as 43 percent, but that would be a poor choice for several reasons.

If your DTI is half of that, then you’re much closer to being financially sound because you will have more money to work with each month.

Having a low DTI can also help you when applying for jobs. While it may seem weird, some employers want to make sure you can handle money before they give you a lot of responsibility.

5. You Use Credit Cards Wisely


Credit cards can be divisive, but I love them. Between the two of us, my wife and I have close to 40 cards. We pay them off in full every month so we don’t have debt hanging over our heads.

Credit cards can be a terrific tool when you use them wisely. However, those who aren’t financially responsible may use credit cards to finance the kind of life they want but can’t afford. The sky-high credit card interest rates they face as a result can make it difficult to pay off debt.

You’re probably financially stable if you use a credit card for convenience, to stretch your budget, or to earn rewards. Just make sure you don’t overspend thanks to the convenience of not having to pay off the balance immediately.

6. You Pay off Your Credit Cards Each Month


See the above. Paying off your credit cards in full every month is a good indication you’re financially stable.

I can tell you from experience that the stress of not paying off your cards each month isn’t worth it.

Credit cards have some of the highest interest rates around. A small balance can quickly turn into a large monthly expense if you’re not careful. Thankfully, there are ways to refinance credit card debt or get a lower interest rate.

If you currently have a balance, see if the Tally app can help you pay it off sooner. Tally can send extra payments to your card provider.

7. You Don’t Fight with Your Partner


Finances are one of the biggest reasons for divorce in America. Whether it’s due to financial infidelity or some other reason, money problems can wreak serious havoc on a marriage.

Make sure you and your spouse are on the same page when it comes to finances. You might want to schedule money dates to start working towards shared financial goals.

8. You Can Sleep at Night


Being able to sleep because you don’t have money stress is the best part of being financially stable. Before we reached a moderate level of security, I couldn’t sleep at night.

I was fearful of many things, including:

  • Handling an emergency
  • Saving enough for retirement
  • Paying all of our bills on time

Now, I have peace of mind instead of unease. Peace of mind is an indicator of financial stability.

One quick way to reduce your money stress is by cutting your monthly expenses. Canceling unwanted services and renegotiating bills can require some upfront effort. However, seeing how much extra cash you have each month can help you rest easy.

9. You’re Not Underwater on Your Car


According to Edmunds.com, more than 60 percent of car loans are over five years in length. Additionally, the average car payment is over $500 per month. A financially stable person sees cars as a depreciating asset. As a result, it doesn’t make sense to owe more than a car is worth.

Not being underwater on your car means you don’t extend a car loan for so long that you owe more than it’s worth. It doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve paid off your car.

Instead of buying a brand new car, consider purchasing one that’s one or two years old. Even though it might not have the new car smell, the car is likely several thousand dollars cheaper, has low mileage, and is mechanically sound.

If you have the cash, you can also buy a used car without getting a car loan.

10. You’re Not Scared of the Future


A financially stable person smiles when they think about the future. They’re excited about opportunities and what they may bring.

On the other hand, financial instability stokes fear. You might worry about what retirement may look like or if you’ll be free of debt. It’s easy to become paralyzed when you feel afraid.

While no one can predict the future, have confidence as you learn from your mistakes. If necessary, talk with a friend that you trust to help you plan your future.

11. Killing Debt is Your Top Goal


Attacking debt is the top goal of those seeking financial stability. Debt enslaves you to someone else and restricts your freedom. Your monthly expenses are also higher, leading to more stress.

A financially stable person has a plan to eliminate debt or is already debt-free. If you have debt, consolidating it to a lower interest rate and paying it off is the best way to get rid of it.

Compare rates at Fiona by Even Financial to find the lowest rate from among 17 lenders and start eliminating your debt now.

12. You Live Below Your Means


Many economically stable people are great about spending less than they earn. This is by no means scientific, but I’d say saving at least half of your income is a good place to start.

For instance, if you earn $4,000 per month, you might keep your monthly expenses below $2,000. It becomes easier to live below your means as you pay off debt and avoid unnecessary purchases.

This can even be done on a variable income.

13. You Track Your Spending in Some Fashion


Budgets don’t work for everyone. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t track your spending. Being financially independent means you know where your money is going and how it is working for you.

Writing each expense on paper or browsing your monthly bank statements might work for you.

Try a tool like Tiller if tracking your spending is overwhelming. Tiller pulls all of your banking information into a Google Sheet so you can see all your spending in one place.

The app costs $7 per month after a free 30-day trial.

14. You Can Handle Large Purchases


Large purchases are expensive and can include anything from buying a new-to-you car or replacing the air conditioner in your house.

Regardless of what it is, you’re able to make large purchases (most likely because you’ve planned for them) with no sweat.

Consider putting money into a sinking fund for a specific expense. Even if you only have a small income, these special funds can help you afford large purchases.

15. You’re Financially Naked with Your Partner


Remember the section about not fighting with your partner? Being financially naked with your significant other is a big part of that. A responsible person shares all things financial, good and bad, with their partner.

Being honest can hurt at times. However, total transparency can lead to a stronger relationship because you’ll be financially comfortable with each other.

16. A Job Loss Isn’t the End of the World


Losing a job can be traumatic. Being financially stable allows you to roll with the punches of a job loss thanks to an ample emergency fund and other savings.

This allows you to take your time and find the right job for you instead of jumping blindly at the first opportunity that comes along.

17. Invest In Yourself


Whether you’re in between jobs or are happy with your current employer, you should always try to improve your skills. Investing in yourself can increase your income potential at work or allow you to have multiple income streams.

Another option is learning how to complete your own home and car repairs. Your new skill will reduce your unplanned expenses when something breaks.

18. You Make Extra Money on the Side


Making extra money can mean many different things. For instance, it may mean you actively take on new roles in your day job.

It may also mean starting a side hustle to earn a few extra bucks in your free time. If you use the money to kill debt or invest, even better.

Here are a few of the top side gig apps you can use to earn money if you don’t know where to start.

19. You’re Not Underwater on Your House


Remember the section on car payments? Similarly, a financially wise person isn’t going to be underwater on a home. This means your mortgage isn’t more than your house value.

If you are underwater on your home, that’s typically a sign of buying too much house or not planning properly. While houses aren’t investments in many cases, you want to build equity on your home right away.

20. You Take Care of Your Health


A financially stable person sees the impact health has on their finances. Medical bills can quickly erode the hard work you put into becoming financially secure.

This is the main reason why I lost 100 pounds on Nutrisystem. It’s important to acknowledge that health and finances are often intertwined. Check out our Nutrisystem review to see how you can find success on the plan.

Your doctor’s advice about having a sound diet and regular exercise may sound boring. However, these two factors are the best ways to control your health and reduce stress.

21. Your Net Worth Goes Up Each Year


The ultimate goal of becoming financially independent is being able to grow your net worth year after year.

While some aspects of growing your net worth are out of your control, for example when you invest in the stock market, there are things you can control.

If you’re avoiding debt, saving more, and building streams of passive income, you can create an upward trajectory for your financial future.

22. You Control Your Finances – Not the Other Way Around


What do your finances look like? Are you in control of them or do they control you?

Financial stability means you get to decide where your money goes instead of living paycheck-to-paycheck.

23. You Can Buy What You Want


Financial stability provides the freedom to buy what you want. You are free from the fear of how you’re going to afford your purchase because you’ve saved the money you need.

If this describes you, then you’re economically stable.

24. Spending Money Just to Spend Doesn’t Appeal to You


This is the opposite of the above. In short, spending doesn’t appeal to you (even if you can afford it) because you see ways to put your money to better use.

25. You Automate Savings


Automating my saving was one of the first times I felt confident with my money. Before, I was worried I’d need the money for debt payment. Now I see it as a bill to my future self that works even while I sleep.

If you have automated your savings, then you’re doing a great job of figuring out how to be financially stable. Just make sure to pick a bank that pays more than .001 percent on your cash.

26. You Have Plans


A financially wise person plans for the future. This can involve planning for many things, such as:

  • Saving for retirement
  • Buying life insurance – PolicyGenius is a great option to compare rates
  • Saving for their children’s college education

The amount you save towards each of these is personal, but financial stability means you plan for them all. Start by saving for your most important goals. Then, allocate other cash for your secondary goals.

If you want a life insurance policy that adjusts with your needs in life, Everyday Life is an excellent option. Fabric is another great choice if you want affordable life insurance tailored to meet your specific needs.

27. You Get Rid of Bad Habits


It’s crazy how much we spend on our bad habits. We’re all prone to them. However, a financially stable person actively seeks to cut those bad habits to save money every month.

Instead of wasting money, opt to grow your money.

28. Start a Cheap Hobby


Having fun doesn’t have to be expensive. There are many cheap hobbies you can try today. For example, start a neighborhood league instead of buying season tickets.

It’s okay to splurge from time to time. But remember that having fun with friends doesn’t require spending lots of money each weekend.

29. Your Credit Score Doesn’t Scare You


Credit scores aren’t perfect by any means, but I remember what my credit score was when I paying off debt. It was scary.

A credit builder loan from Self Lender can boost a low credit score. Paying your monthly loan payments on time and keeping a low credit utilization ratio can help too.

*Related: Do you need to buy life insurance? Check out our review of the best companies to get term life insurance without a medical exam for coverage options.*

A financially stable person has a good credit score. When they need to borrow, they get the best rates possible. However, you should pay with cash when possible to avoid paying interest.

30. Paying Bills Doesn’t Scare You


Does the thought of paying your bills every month make you break into a cold sweat?

Trim can potentially negotiate lower rates for your recurring bills such as cable TV and your cell phone. This service can also help find discounts for your medical bills.

When you are financially stable, you can pay your bills each month with little stress because there are no surprises. Also, you should still have money left in your bank account after all your bills are paid.

31. You Can Give Without Fear


A financially independent person can give without worry. They also make a plan to give.

Perhaps someone helped you become financially stable and you want to return the favor.

When you’re financially comfortable, you can give with ease and not fear what it could do to your finances. You might perform random acts of kindness, for example buying lunch for someone. Or, you can schedule monthly payments to your favorite charity to help others in need.

One of the most exciting times to give is when charities have matching fundraising drives. For every dollar you give, another donor matches your donation.

32. You Don’t Bounce Checks


This is one of the few things I didn’t do when I was in debt. A financially stable person doesn’t bounce checks. Mistakes can happen, but make sure you’re not actively bouncing checks all over town.

A financially confident person knows what they have in their bank account so they don’t watch their checks bounce like rubber balls.

Sometimes, money mistakes happen when you least expect. This is why several banks, including Chime Bank, offer free overdraft protection when you accidentally overdraft.

33. Missing A Paycheck Doesn’t Scare You


Running our own business has helped me be more comfortable with missing a paycheck since clients sometimes pay late.

Financially stable people have funds in place to deal with temporary blips like this. Just make sure you replenish the funds in your savings account when you do get paid.




It’s important to remember that none of us are perfect. We all make mistakes and have hurdles to overcome. Financial stability is an ongoing journey, not a destination.

The goal of that journey is to grow your financial knowledge and well-being. Both serve to help you live a life of freedom, not one of enslavement to others. This allows you to make choices that benefit you in the long run and lets you live the kind of life you want.


What are some other signs of financial stability? What was the first thing that started the journey for you? How do you stack up against these signs?

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O que é a Pinecone Research?


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Como funciona o site de pesquisa?


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Tipos e valores de recompensas


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Inscrição e primeiros passos


Juntando Pinecone Research é gratuito e leva apenas alguns minutos. Para começar, envie seu nome, e-mail e responda a algumas perguntas demográficas.

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Nem todo site de pesquisa funciona da mesma forma. Aqui estão algumas perguntas comuns que as pessoas fazem sobre a Pinecone Research.

A Pinecone Research é legítima?

É fácil tirar vantagem ao considerar uma agitação lateral, especialmente com sites de pesquisa. Algumas oportunidades são scams, então é justificável perguntar ‘A Pinecone Research é legítima?’

Embora alguns sites de pesquisa não sejam legítimos, esse não é o caso da Pinecone Research. É uma maneira fácil e segura de ganhar dinheiro com pesquisas. Além disso, eles não venderão suas informações a terceiros.

* Relacionado: Procurando uma oportunidade única de ganho? Leia nosso guia sobre os melhores aplicativos que pagam você para fazer exercícios para aprender como ganhar dinheiro mantendo-se em forma. *

Quanto você pode ganhar?

Como acontece com qualquer site de pesquisa, você não ficará rico da noite para o dia respondendo a pesquisas com a Pinecone Research. Mas pode a plataforma ser uma forma válida de ganhar dinheiro online? Possivelmente.

Pode não valer a pena se você não receber convites para pesquisas frequentes. Mas para quem recebe convites, a Pinecone Research é uma forma válida de ganhar um pouco mais de dinheiro.

Quanto mais pesquisas você completa e produtos testa, mais você ganha. Enquanto outros sites de pesquisa têm pagamentos variados, cada pesquisa da Pinecone Research oferece US $ 3. O pagamento fixo permite que você determine facilmente seus ganhos potenciais.

Se você responder a uma pesquisa por semana, poderá ganhar $ 144 por ano. Pesquisas online são uma ótima maneira de ganhar dinheiro em seu tempo livre, mas não substituirão sua renda.

Não há limite para o que você pode ganhar, já que pode ingressar em vários sites de pesquisa.

Você pode usar sua receita de pesquisa para objetivos financeiros, como:

  • Ganhando dinheiro extra para gastar
  • Aumentando seu fundo de emergência
  • Pagando dívidas

Já que você pode sacar com apenas $ 3, você pode solicitar o pagamento após cada pesquisa que responder. Depois de abrir sua conta e preencher sua primeira pesquisa, você receberá um cheque de $ 3.

Como faço para entrar na Pinecone Research?

Para ingressar na Pinecone Research, você deve ter pelo menos 18 anos e um endereço de e-mail válido. Então você pode clique neste link especial para aceitar seu convite exclusivo para entrar.

Se você tem menos de 18 anos, o Swagbucks é uma plataforma semelhante que oferece mais maneiras de ganhar dinheiro do que a Pinecone Research. Você pode leia a nossa crítica Swagbucks para ver como a plataforma se compara.

Os participantes da pesquisa nos Estados Unidos, Canadá e Reino Unido podem se inscrever. Apenas uma pessoa de sua casa pode ser membro da Pinecone por vez.

Quanto tempo duram as pesquisas?

Você pode esperar que a maioria das pesquisas demore entre 15 e 20 minutos.

O teste do produto pode levar mais tempo. Como resultado, a Pinecone Research paga pontos extras mais o pagamento padrão de US $ 3 da pesquisa.

Como faço para retirar meus ganhos?

Você pode solicitar o pagamento por cheque ou cartão-presente. Não há um mínimo de resgate, então você pode sacar seus ganhos a qualquer momento. O processamento de sua solicitação de pagamento pode levar de três a cinco dias.

Para resgatar seus fundos, clique em “Resgatar” na guia “Loja” de sua conta de membro. Depois, você pode comprar as recompensas disponíveis e escolher a melhor para você.



Com cada pesquisa pagando $ 3, Pinecone Research tem algumas das pesquisas online mais bem pagas. Você pode ganhar dinheiro adicional testando produtos.

Embora a plataforma seja seletiva, é uma boa maneira de ganhar dinheiro extra se você se qualificar. Depois de se tornar um painelista, você descobrirá que a maioria das pesquisas e testes de produtos são simples.

Mesmo que você não substitua seu trabalho diário, as pesquisas são uma maneira fácil de ganhar algum dinheiro extra para gastar.


Você já tentou responder a pesquisas online para ganhar dinheiro extra? Que outros métodos você usou para ganhar dinheiro paralelamente? Como você libera tempo para ganhar dinheiro extra?

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11 Best Ways to Invest $100 or Less

Investing is an important part of improving your financial health. Unfortunately, many people don’t invest because they think investing requires a lot of money. The reality is that you can start investing with $100 or less.

When you learn that it’s possible to invest with little money, you’ll see how simple it is to begin growing wealth. There are several ways you can invest $100 and improve your finances.

Ways to Invest 100 Dollars


Too many people hold themselves back from improving their finances because they believe investing takes a lot of money. However, you shouldn’t underestimate the benefits of pursuing small investment ideas.

Investing $100 may not sound like something that will make a lasting impact, but it’s a terrific place to start. Over time, minimal investments can increase significantly.

Small investments come in the form of traditional options, like the stock market, and not so traditional investments, like starting a business.

If you want to make money, here are 11 ways you can invest 100 dollars or less today.

1. Invest Your Spare Change


What if you have less than $100 to invest? Micro-investing apps make it possible for you to invest your spare change.

While an investing app won’t make you wealthy overnight, small investments will add up over time.

Here is how micro-investing services, like Acorns, work. Say, for example, you spend $34.25 to fill your car with gas. The app will round up your purchase to $35, taking the remaining $0.75 from your checking account to invest.

Each time you make a purchase, Acorns pulls the spare change over to your investing account. Once your account reaches $5, the app invests in one of the five low-cost investment portfolios selected by you.

Acorns repeats this process every time you reach $5 in your account. You also receive a $5 reward when you open an account.

Acorns manages your investments for you by reinvesting dividends you receive and rebalancing your portfolio to ensure it’s on target with your goals. There is no minimum balance requirement.

The app costs $1 per month and 0.25 percent per year after that for account balances under $5,000. College students under 24 can use Acorns for free.

Like other investing apps for beginners, Acorns is a great way to start investing if you have no money. If you already have $100 to invest, you can use it on another option from this list and create multiple passive income streams.

Acorns – Invest Your Spare Change
Cost: $1 PER MONTH

Acorns rounds up your purchases and invests your spare change!

Start Investing


2. Have Someone Manage Your Investments


If you’re new to investing, you might think you can’t get help or advice on how to build a portfolio. Fortunately, investment advice is no longer just for people with loads of money. Thanks to robo-advisors, you can receive similar advice at a significantly reduced cost.

Robo-advisors automate selecting a portfolio for you and manage it for next to nothing. Many robo-advisors also have a low minimum balance requirement.

One of the most established robo-advisors is Betterment. The advisor creates a personalized portfolio for you, rebalances it, and requires no minimum balance. Betterment charges just 0.25 percent of your account balance each year, which is less than most advisors.

Betterment – No Minimum Balance Requirement
Cost: 0.25 percent of account balance, annually

From beginners to pros, Betterment offers lots of helpful tools and a powerful investing platform.

Start Investing

betterment logo


If you want to reduce fees even further, SoFi Automated Investing is a perfect solution. SoFi has a similar philosophy to Betterment and is free to use. You only need $1 to start investing with SoFi.

If you’re new to the stock market, a robo-advisor is a good choice to help you invest with only $100.

3. Grow Your Emergency Fund


This may not be the most exciting or traditional way to invest $100. However, if you don’t have an emergency fund or need to give your fund a boost, saving your extra money is an excellent option.

Investing is necessary, but you need savings before you start because having minimal savings puts you at risk of accruing debt. This can negatively impact your net worth.

Savings rates are horrible, so it’s important to look for online high-yield savings accounts to find the best rates.

A money market at CIT Bank is one possible solution. Money market accounts have the same FDIC protection as savings accounts of $250,000 per depositor, making this option the safest way to invest money.

The CIT Bank money market currently pays 0.75 percent. This is nine times the national average.

Similar to a savings account, a money market account is liquid so you can access cash whenever you need it.

4. Buy Partial Shares of Stocks


When it comes to stocks, many people like to buy shares of companies they know and use. This is a legitimate way to invest, but it will cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars if you want to invest in companies like Amazon or Alphabet.

If you can only invest $100 but want to invest in more expensive stocks, Robinhood is a suitable option.

This investing app requires no minimum balance and makes it possible for you to buy partial shares of stocks. Robinhood charges no transaction fees and is free to use unless you sign up for a more feature-rich account.

Right now, the service is giving a free share of stock to those opening a new account.

5. Pay off Debt


Paying off debt seems like an odd way to invest your money, but wealth creation comes in two forms. The first is investing your money to earn dividends and interest. The second is eliminating the interest you’re paying due to debt.

Both choices let you increase your net worth, which is the ultimate goal when looking for ways to invest $100.

If you have high-interest credit card debt, paying it off is particularly important because it will hold you back from reaching other goals.

One reliable way to eliminate debt is to take an unsecured loan to pay off your credit cards. This lets you slash rates and pay the debt off quicker.

SoFi is an excellent option that lets you secure a low rate on loans. It charges zero fees so you can focus on killing debt.

Paying off debt is one of the best low-risk investments that will help you in the long run.

Sofi – Fixed Personal Loans with Autopay
Cost: 5.99% to 18.83% APR

Zero fees. Secure a low rate on loans and kill debt.

See your rate


6. Start A Blog


If you’re looking for good investment ideas, look no further than a side hustle. A side gig lets you create another stream of income and aids in wealth creation.

I’m partial to blogging as a side job because blogging changed my life. Starting a blog has allowed me to help millions of people and while making terrific money. In less than two years, my blog replaced and exceeded the income from my former day job.

Even if you don’t blog full-time, you can earn a good income. Read our guide on how to start a blog that makes money.

You don’t need a lot of technical skills to start a website. You can spend less than $100 and launch a site in under an hour.

If you have minimal technical skills, Bluehost is a perfect solution for beginners. They help launch your site with a few clicks, provide 24/7 support, and give you a free domain for a year. This typically costs $7.99 per month, but it’s just $2.95 per month for Frugal Rules readers.

Bluehost – Free Domain for a Year
Cost: $2.95/month using our link!

Perfect for beginners. Launch your website in a few clicks and get 24/7 support.

Sign Up Now



7. Invest in Yourself


You may not think of investing in yourself as a good investment. In reality, it’s one of the best ways to invest with little money since you are your biggest resource to grow wealth.

There are countless ways you can invest in yourself with $100 or less. For example, you can learn a new skill to grow in your job or side hustle. Consider signing up for a course to learn something new.

Sites like Udemy provide access to thousands of courses you can take at your own pace and often cost as little as $10.

If there’s something you’ve always wanted to learn, an online course is a great place to start. You never know what opportunities will be available to you once you learn a new skill.

8. Invest Through Your 401(k)


An excellent way to start investing with little money while saving for retirement is through your 401(k). In most cases, you don’t need anything to use your employer-sponsored 401(k).

After you’re able to open a 401(k) through your employer, they take pre-tax withdrawals from your paycheck and put it into your account. This is one of the best investment options available.

Better yet, your employer may match part of your contributions which means you get free money. For example, if you are paid bi-weekly on a $40,000 annual salary and have a six percent withdrawal with a 50 percent employer match:

  • $92 comes out of your paycheck
  • Your employer gives you an additional $46

The combined $138 goes into your 401(k) to invest. The investments sit there and grow over time.

If you’re already investing in your 401(k) but think you can be doing better, check out Blooom. Blooom analyzes your plan for free to help you find lower cost investments. It also aligns your investments with your goals.

9. Buy A Good Book


Another way to invest $100 is buying a good book. Here are a few niches to consider:

  • Personal finance
  • Self-help
  • Information technology

When you buy a book that lets you grow in a certain field, you can use that to your advantage. For example, reading a book that teaches you how to invest can help you improve your financial health.

You can even get a book and read it for pleasure. Self-care is always a great investment.

To get started, just go to Amazon, find a book you like, and start reading. You can also check out a book from your local library to save some money.

10. Lend $100 to Someone Else


If you have $100, a legitimate alternative investment option is Peer-to-Peer lending (P2P). With P2P, you help people seeking personal loans. These can be for anything from loan consolidation to remodeling a kitchen.

Borrowers can request up to $40,000. The interest rates depend on their creditworthiness.

LendingClub is a leader in the P2P space. The online lending platform has no minimum balance requirement in non-retirement accounts. If you start with $100, you can separate the money into four loan notes of $25 per piece.

Similar to investing in stocks, diversifying your notes can protect you from loss. LendingClub advertises returns between four and seven percent, so this may be worth considering if you want to invest $100.

11. Start A New Business


Are you an entrepreneur at heart? If so, starting a new business is a fun way to invest $100. It may seem impossible to start a business with little money, but it is doable.

Here are a few business ideas that you can start with $100:

  • Buy a leaf blower and rake so you can offer yard work services in your neighborhood
  • Buy an item to flip, then reinvest the income to scale it
  • Purchase painting supplies and offer interior painting services
  • Offer simple graphic design services on Fiverr

Entrepreneurs will see the potential of what they can earn by starting a side business. You can easily start a business with as little as $100. If you reinvest the profits, you can scale your income.



Many people believe you need thousands of dollars to start investing and create wealth. That is simply not the case. There are numerous ways you can invest with $100 or less and build wealth.

Some options are more traditional, like investing in stocks, while others are less traditional, like starting a new business. These may not classify as risk-free investments, but all are legitimate possibilities to pursue.

Regardless, you can pursue any of these options today. While you won’t see growth overnight, you can grow minimal investments into six figures with time and focus.


What are some other options to invest $100? What was your first investment? Which one of these small investment ideas would you try?


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Ofertas especiais da AmEx: US $ 10 de desconto de US $ 100 ou US $ 10 de desconto de US $ 50 na Amazon (direcionado), maravilha + podcasts

amexoffersNova Amazon, Wondery + ofertas. Se você tiver qualquer cartão American Express, aqui está um aviso rápido para verificar se há novas “Ofertas Amex” adicionadas à sua conta. Esta é uma maneira fácil de ganhar algum dinheiro extra sem comprar nenhum item extra de que não precise. Muitas pessoas estão vendo uma oferta de $ 10 de $ 100 (ou $ 10 de $ 50) na Amazon.com, que você pode resgatar duas vezes para um benefício total de $ 20. Tive que rolar muito para baixo para encontrá-lo em um dos meus cartões (# 10 na lista ou algo assim). Aqui está uma captura de tela:

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Lembrete: A oferta Shop Small de $ 5 de $ 10 termina em 20 de setembro! Tenho usado meus créditos na loja de ferragens local, o que me faz sentir melhor quando tenho que voltar três vezes em um dia …

Existem muitos sabores diferentes de American Express, mas aqui estão os cartões de visita e de consumo que você encontrará na minha carteira:

  • Cartão Blue Cash Preferred da American Express Review
  • Cartão Blue Business Plus da American Express Review

“O conteúdo editorial aqui não é fornecido por nenhuma das empresas mencionadas e não foi revisado, aprovado ou endossado por qualquer uma dessas entidades. As opiniões expressas aqui são apenas do autor. Este e-mail pode conter links pelos quais somos compensados ​​quando você clica ou é aprovado para ofertas. ”

Ofertas especiais da AmEx: $ 10 de $ 100 ou $ 10 de $ 50 na Amazon (direcionado), Maravilha + Podcasts do blog My Money.

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7 Best Unsecured Loans to Consolidate Debt

Unsecured loans can be useful when it comes to eliminating your debt. While the best unsecured personal loans vary, they all help you pay off debt faster. When you get out of debt fast, it helps you achieve financial freedom and live the life you want.

You may not know where to go to find low-interest personal loans. There are numerous choices to consider. This post will help you determine the best unsecured loans for your specific needs.

Best Unsecured Loans


The best online loan companies may charge fewer fees and offer better rates than local banks. Comparing rates online is quick, easy, and doesn’t hurt your credit score.

These lenders provide personal loans that don’t require collateral, have competitive rates, and won’t charge hidden fees.

Sofi Credible Lightstream
credible personal loans Lightstream personal loan

5.99 – 19.16%

4.99 – 35.99%

5.95 – 19.99%

Min. Credit Score

Min. Credit Score

Min. Credit Score

Loan Amt.
$5,000 – $100,000

Loan Amt.
$1,000 – $100,000

Loan Amt.
$5,000 – $100,000

Check Rates

Check Rates

Check Rates

#footable_35863 thead tr th.ninja_column_0,#footable_35863 tbody tr td.ninja_column_0{ color: rgba(10, 10, 10, 1); }#footable_35863 thead tr th.ninja_column_1,#footable_35863 tbody tr td.ninja_column_1{ color: rgba(5, 5, 5, 1); }


1. SoFi


SoFi is one of the most exciting lenders because they have additional benefits most banks don’t offer. For example, you can open a free online checking account and get credit score monitoring.

Another benefit is SoFi’s unemployment protection when you’re not at fault for losing your job. SoFi pauses your monthly payment for up to three months and helps you look for a new job.

Your rate quote from Sofi might differ from other lenders because SoFi doesn’t require a minimum credit score. While a score in the high 600s is helpful, SoFi evaluates your employment history, income, and current monthly expenses to see if you qualify.

SoFi loans are currently unavailable in Mississippi. You can also use SoFi to refinance student loans to save more on monthly loan costs.

Read our Sofi personal loans review to learn more. 

APR: 5.99 percent to 19.16 percent (with .25 percent auto-pay discount)

Repayment terms: Two to seven years

Loan amount: $5,000 to $100,000

Additional fees: None

Minimum credit score: Undisclosed (680+ for the best approval odds)

Check Rates


2. Credible


Credible is one of the fastest options to compare personal loan quotes. This loan search engine gives you rate quotes from multiple lenders in just two minutes with a single search. You receive the same rate quote you’d get if you visited each lender website to pre-qualify.

While Credible doesn’t charge any fees, some personal loan companies may charge origination fees. You will see a breakdown of the potential fees, interest rate, and total loan costs on the comparison screen.

There is no obligation to apply for a loan with Credible. You can apply with another lender if they offer a better rate.

Once you decide which loan company has the best rate, you finish the application on the lender’s website. You may appreciate Credible if you have fair credit since they partner with lenders for every credit score range.

Credible even lets you compare rates if you add a co-signer when you have poor or no credit.

You can read our review of Credible to see how you can use them to find the best student loan refinance rates.

APR: 4.99 percent to 35.99 percent

Repayment terms: One to seven years

Loan amount: $1,000 to $100,000

Additional fees: Some lenders have origination fees up to 8.00 percent

Minimum credit score: 580

Check Rates


3. LightStream


If you have excellent credit and need an unsecured loan, LightStream is worth considering. A division of SunTrust Bank, Lightstream offers online loans as low as 5.95 percent. However, it’s somewhat difficult to secure that particular rate.

The entire LightStream loan process takes place online. You can potentially receive funds the same day. Unlike other lenders or local banks, you won’t pay origination fees.

While LightStream does not look for a specific credit score, good to excellent credit is preferred. Similar to other loan companies, your credit history, income history, payment history, and current assets influence your rate quote.

The loan purpose, repayment term, and loan amount also determine your minimum APR.

Enrolling in AutoPay reduces the interest rate on a Lightstream debt consolidation loan by .50 percent.

APR: 5.95 percent to 19.99 percent (with .50 percent AutoPay discount)

Repayment terms: Two to seven years

Loan amount: $5,000 to $100,000

Additional fees: None

Minimum credit score: 660

Check Rates


4. Payoff


Do you have credit card debt, no current delinquencies, and good credit? If so, the best unsecured loan option for you might be Payoff. A Payoff Loan lets you refinance up to $40,000 in credit card balances.

You receive free monthly FICO credit score updates when you use Payoff.

*Related: Need to rebuild your credit? Check out our guide on credit builder loans to see if they’re a viable alternative.*

Payoff personal loans are only for paying off credit card debt.

The second difference is that Payoff assigns you a member advocate. This advocate is your resource whenever you have needs, questions, or concerns. Your advocate checks in each quarter to see if you have any money questions.

You can qualify for a Payoff loan with a FICO score of at least 640, a debt-to-income (DTI) of less than 50 percent, and at least three years of credit history.

Payoff loans are currently available everywhere except Massachusetts, Mississippi, Nebraska, and Nevada.

APR: 5.99 percent to 24.99 percent

Repayment terms: Two to five years

Loan amount: $5,000 to $40,000

Additional fees: Origination fee up to five percent

Minimum credit score: 640

Check Rates


5. Avant


Having a low credit score doesn’t mean you can’t get an unsecured personal loan. It does mean Avant might be your best option because you might qualify with a score as low as 580.

You can receive loan amounts of up to $35,000. While this limit is lower than other lenders, it can be enough to consolidate your high-interest debt. However, most lenders only offer larger loans to those with the best credit scores.

Avant sets itself apart by giving funds as soon as the next business day. Other lenders may take up to a week to disburse your loan amount.

Since Avant caters to low credit scores, borrowers with high credit scores can qualify for better rates at another lender. You can compare multiple lenders at Credible to save time and money.

Avant is not available in Iowa or West Virginia. Also, payments at least ten days late incur a $25 fee.

APR: 9.95 percent to 35.99 percent

Repayment terms: Two to five years

Loan amount: $2,000 to $35,000

Additional fees: Origination fee up 4.75 percent

Minimum credit score: 580

Check Rates


6. Fiona by Even Financial


Fiona by Even Financial is another free loan comparison site that lets you evaluate rates for online loans quickly. You can see rates for up to 17 lenders for free. It’s possible to search results by lender, payment term, interest rate, and estimated monthly payments.

You start the loan search by entering your zip code to find lenders for your state. Like other loan marketplaces, Fiona doesn’t issue any loans. The final loan offer you receive can differ from Fiona’s initial rate quote.

Even if you have bad credit, they can help you find a potential loan offer.

Fiona by Even Financial is available in all 50 states.

APR: 4.99 percent to 35.99 percent

Repayment terms: Two to seven years

Loan amount: $1,000 and $100,000

Additional fees: Origination fee up to six percent with some lenders

Minimum credit score: 580

Check Rates


7. LendingClub


LendingClub is a big player in the peer-to-peer lending space and offers loans between $1,000 and $40,000. Instead of getting money from an online bank, private investors fund your loan request.

LendingClub personal loans can be a little more difficult to secure, since they take your debt-to-income ratio seriously. However, it can be worth a few minutes to compare their rate to an online bank.

Your minimum repayment term is three years (36 months). There is an origination fee between two and six percent.

LendingClub is one of the few lenders to offer joint loans. You and a co-borrower can apply for one loan if your combined DTI is below 35 percent. Applying together can help you qualify for a better rate.

You can receive your loan funds in as little as four days. This delivery speed can be quicker than local banks that require more paperwork.

APR: 10.68 percent to 35.89 percent

Repayment terms: Three years or five years

Loan amount: $1,000 and $40,000

Additional fees: Origination fee between two and six percent

Minimum credit score: 680

Check your rate at LendingClub to see how much money you can save.

What Is An Unsecured Loan?


An unsecured personal loan doesn’t require collateral like a home loan or car loan. Instead, most lenders use your credit score and other credit factors (for example income history or current debt-to-income ratio) to determine your interest rate and loan amount.

Since you don’t need collateral, you usually need good credit to qualify for an unsecured loan. You can qualify for loans with little or no credit history.

However, your interest rate will likely be higher than other loans yet lower than keeping a credit card balance.

Some lenders will accept co-signers and co-borrowers to help you get a lower rate.

Many personal loans with no collateral have fixed monthly payments, making it easy to attack debt. Your interest rate won’t increase and you’ll make the same payment amount each month.

In the case of credit card debt, you likely have a variable interest rate which means different payments each month.

Who Needs Unsecured Personal Loans?


Achieving financial freedom should be the sole purpose behind getting an unsecured personal loan.

Personal loans are a good idea when you:

  • Want lower interest rates
  • Need to consolidate debt into one simple payment
  • Aren’t getting loan offers from traditional banks

However, you may want to avoid getting a loan if you plan on using the funds on something frivolous. That will only continue the cycle of debt.

If the loan doesn’t get you closer to financial freedom, look the other way and save for the expense.

A common question is whether or not you need good credit to get the best unsecured loans. A higher credit score can secure you a better rate.

There are also options to consider if you need a personal loan but have bad credit. You will need to shop around to find those options.

Doing your due diligence is vital when it comes to evaluating unsecured loans. Starting with these personal loan companies can save you time and help you avoid shady lenders.

Pros and Cons of Loans to Pay Off Debt


Unsecured personal loans can be an effective debt payment strategy. However, they may not make sense if you cannot get a lower rate or have a small debt balance.


  • Can get a lower interest rate and monthly payment
  • No prepayment penalties
  • Online lenders make it easy to compare rates and total loan costs
  • Combine multiple debts into one payment


  • Some lenders charge an origination fee
  • May need a minimum 680 credit score to qualify
  • May not qualify for a lower interest rate
  • Most lenders have a minimum $5,000 loan amount

Balance Transfers vs. Loan Consolidation


If you have credit card debt, you can also consider a balance transfer card. With either option, the lender performs a hard credit pull to open your new credit line.

When Balance Transfers are Better


Most balance transfer offers are between six and eighteen months long. Your remaining balance starts accruing interest when the promotion ends.

You will pay a one-time transfer fee of up to three percent. The good news is that you can make interest-free payments during the introductory period. Despite the upfront fee, your total interest savings can be more than getting a loan.

Transferring your balance might make sense if you can pay off your balance quickly. Also, you should transfer instead of consolidating when the transfer fees are less than your total loan costs.

Another time to consider balance transfers is when you have a small balance. For instance, most personal loans require you to borrow at least $5,000.

Here are some of the best balance transfer cards that can help you save money while paying off debt.

The best reasons to transfer your credit card balance include:

  • Having small amounts of debt
  • Transfer fees are less than consolidation loan costs
  • You can repay the balance during the interest-free period

When Debt Consolidation is Better


Debt consolidation is better when you need several years to repay your debt. Most personal loans have repayment terms of at least three years.

Although you pay interest each month, loan interest rates are usually lower than credit cards.

You might consider getting a loan if you want to close a credit card and avoid future debt. Paying off a credit card means you have more spending power. If you carry a new balance, you go deeper into debt.

You can use the loan funds to pay off your credit card. Then you can close your account.

It’s might be best to consolidate your debt instead of doing a balance transfer when:

  • You cannot pay your balance off before the balance transfer promotion ends
  • Total loan costs are less than balance transfer fees and interest charges
  • You want to close your credit card or avoid opening a new account
  • You’d prefer a single monthly payment for credit card and other personal debt

What is the Smartest Way to Consolidate Debt?


The best way to consolidate debt is by choosing the option that reduces your total loan costs. You should get several loan quotes to make sure you get the best rate and avoid fees.

There are plenty of loan scams, so always research lenders thoroughly before taking out a loan.

You might consider these factors when comparing personal loans:

  • Low rates – the last thing you want is to pay a high rate. That will extend the life of your loan.
  • Little to no fees – origination fees are difficult to avoid, but it is possible. There are other fees to keep in mind, so be aware of them as they only increase the cost.
  • Transparency – the site should be very clear about what the loan process is like. Their rates should be listed and their process should be communicated thoroughly. This should also be the case in their mailings and when you call their customer service department.
  • Flexibility – not everyone has the same needs. You want to pick a loan provider that’s going to provide flexibility. If they don’t offer this, look elsewhere.
  • Loan limits – this only applies if you need to consolidate a sizable amount of debt. You want to be able to stay with one lender for sake of ease.
  • Watch out for scams – never agree to pay anything upfront or fall for a guarantee. Verify all information provided by the loan company. Run the other way if they aren’t willing to explain everything clearly.

Make extra payments when possible. Repaying your loan early means you pay less total interest. Legitimate lenders won’t charge a prepayment penalty.



If you’re dealing with debt, try to lower your rate and pay it down as soon as possible. Working with a loan company can help you do this. Remember that best loan providers don’t charge hidden fees or high interest rates.

Thankfully, it’s easy to compare rates for unsecured loans online and quickly research your best options. Once you find the right option for you, it will make it much easier for you to get out of debt fast.


What has been helpful to you in paying off debt? How much interest are you paying each month on your debt?

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Chase Freedom Unlimited Changes, Novo cartão Freedom Flex

Chase anunciou mudanças em sua linha de cartão de crédito Chase Freedom. Algumas das mudanças são negócios nos bastidores, mas no geral são melhorias. As alterações não entram em vigor e os novos cartões não estarão disponíveis até 15 de setembro de 2020.

Lembre-se de que esses cartões ganham pontos Ultimate Rewards (UR), que podem ser trocados por dinheiro a 1 ponto UR = $ 0,01. Portanto, você pode ver uma categoria como 3X pontos por dólar pontos ou 3% em dinheiro de volta. Quando os pontos UR são transferidos para um cartão Chase Sapphire Preferred ou Chase Sapphire Reserve, eles podem se tornar muito mais valiosos.

Chase Freedom Flex Mastercard (novo cartão)

  • 5X pontos (5% em dinheiro de volta) em categorias trimestrais rotativas.
  • 5X pontos em viagens compradas através do portal Chase Ultimate Rewards.
  • 3X pontos em jantares, comida para viagem e serviços de entrega elegíveis.
  • 3X pontos em compras de drogarias.
  • 1X pontos em todas as outras compras.
  • Seguro de telefone celular é um dos benefícios notáveis ​​do World Elite Mastercard. “Até US $ 800 por sinistro e US $ 1.000 por ano em proteção de telefone celular contra roubo ou danos para telefones listados na conta mensal do titular do cartão.”
  • 5% do dinheiro total de volta em todas as viagens Lyft até março de 2022.
  • DashPass do DoorDash gratuito nos primeiros três meses *, seguido por um desconto de 50% no preço atual pelos próximos nove meses.
  • Sem anuidade.

No geral, este cartão é muito semelhante ao existente Chase Freedom Visa com categorias de 5%, assim como um Mastercard em vez de Visa. No entanto, ambos os cartões existirão por enquanto. Os titulares de cartões Chase Freedom Visa existentes podem optar por mudar seu cartão para um Freedom Flex Mastercard quando os aplicativos estiverem disponíveis em 15 de setembro de 2020.

Chase Freedom Unlimited (melhorias de cartão)

  • Novo – 5X pontos em viagens compradas através do portal Chase Ultimate Rewards.
  • Novo – 3X pontos em jantares, comida para viagem e serviços de entrega elegíveis.
  • Novo – 3X pontos em compras de drogarias.
  • 1,5X pontos em todas as outras compras.
  • Sem anuidade.

Os recursos adicionais serão adicionados automaticamente aos cartões Chase Freedom Unlimited existentes em 15 de setembro de 2020.

o Cartão Chase Freedom Unlimited atualmente tem um bônus de inscrição por tempo limitado, incluindo:

  • Bônus em dinheiro de $ 200 (20.000 pontos do Ultimate Rewards) após $ 500 em compras nos primeiros 3 meses.
  • 5% de reembolso em compras em supermercados (sem incluir compras no Target (R) ou no Walmart (R)) em até $ 12.000 gastos no primeiro ano. Isso representa até $ 600 em dinheiro de volta no primeiro ano (e você pode comprar muitos cartões-presente em supermercados).

“O conteúdo editorial aqui não é fornecido por nenhuma das empresas mencionadas e não foi revisado, aprovado ou endossado por qualquer uma dessas entidades. As opiniões expressas aqui são apenas do autor. Este e-mail pode conter links pelos quais somos compensados ​​quando você clica ou é aprovado para ofertas. ”

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Alterações no fundo do Vanguard Prime Money Market

A Vanguard está fazendo algumas alterações em seu Vanguard Prime Money Market Fund, que costuma ser sua opção de maior rendimento:

  • Mudança de nome. O Vanguard Prime Money Market Fund mudará seu nome para Vanguard Cash Reserves Federal Money Market Fund.
  • Ainda mais seguro. Agora vai investir em títulos totalmente garantidos pelo governo dos Estados Unidos ou em dinheiro. Eu acredito que eles costumavam investir em alguns papéis comerciais de curto prazo de alta classificação.
  • Ainda mais barato. Basicamente, todos obterão o menor índice de despesas com as ações da Admiral, que anteriormente tinham um mínimo de $ 5.000.000 (!). O investimento mínimo para começar ainda é de US $ 3.000.
  • Sem mais cheques. Você ainda pode obter a assinatura de cheques com alguns outros fundos, incluindo o Vanguard Federal Money Market Fund.

O evento acionável aqui é que se você possui as Ações do Investidor Principal (VMMXX), você pode converter manualmente para as Ações da Admiral (VMRXX) para aproveitar imediatamente a menor relação de despesas (e, portanto, maior rendimento) em vez de esperar até possivelmente 2021:

Proprietários de ações de investidores existentes (VMMXX): Você tem a opção de converter imediatamente † em Ações da Admiral para começar a aproveitar a relação de despesas mais baixa. Você pode encontrar instruções simples passo a passo aqui. Se você não iniciar uma conversão, será convertido automaticamente em algum momento entre o final de 2020 e 2021. Observação: Nosso serviço de cheques não está disponível para a classe de ações Admiral do fundo. A escrita de cheques está disponível para o Vanguard Federal Money Market Fund e outros fundos do Vanguard Money Market.

Embora esse fundo geralmente ofereça uma das maiores ofertas de cash sweep entre as contas de corretagem, a taxa de juros ainda está muito baixa, em torno de 0,10% de rendimento SEC neste momento. Ao mesmo tempo, muitas contas de poupança online estão em cerca de 0,80%. Ainda assim, se você possui este fundo, pode também converter agora. O Vanguard Federal Money Market Fund continua sendo a opção padrão de cash sweep da Vanguard, que historicamente rendeu um pouco menos do que o Vanguard Prime.

“O conteúdo editorial aqui não é fornecido por nenhuma das empresas mencionadas e não foi revisado, aprovado ou endossado por qualquer uma dessas entidades. As opiniões expressas aqui são apenas do autor. Este e-mail pode conter links pelos quais somos compensados ​​quando você clica ou é aprovado para ofertas. ”

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Fluxograma de dinheiro doméstico MMB (mapa de dinheiro)

Um leitor me pediu para completar um mapa monetário para ajudar a visualizar como gerencio nossas finanças, de acordo com esta cadeia de mapas monetários organizada. Eu não tinha certeza de quantos detalhes adicionar, mas o fluxograma abaixo é uma boa representação de como eu organizo as coisas mentalmente. Especificidades como corretagem ou opções de banco podem mudar daqui a alguns anos, mas essa estrutura geral provavelmente não.

Fontes de renda. Recebemos receitas por meio de lucros de negócios, empregos W-2 / contratados e nosso portfólio. Uma parte é automaticamente direcionada para contas 401k, HCFSA, DCFSA e Solo 401k. (Não somos elegíveis para uma HSA.) A receita de dividendos e juros é uma seta circular porque tecnicamente é gerada e mantida na conta da corretora. Um dia, isso pode incluir Seguro Social, renda de aluguel, pagamentos de anuidades, etc.

Investimentos de longo prazo (horizonte de tempo de 5+ anos). Historicamente, todas as nossas receitas fluem diretamente para as nossas contas de corretagem (a maioria das corretoras permite depósitos diretos). Eu costumava investir mensalmente, mas agora os fluxos negócios / renda do trabalho são bem menores na semiaposentadoria. Os dividendos chegam à conta tributável trimestralmente, portanto, agora verifico uma vez a cada três meses para reinvestir e / ou distribuir manualmente os fundos conforme necessário. Além desse check-in a cada 3 meses, esse nível é “conscientemente negligenciado” e projetado para crescer com o tempo e, eventualmente, se tornar autossustentável. Aqui estão minhas atualizações intermitentes de portfólio.

Investimentos de curto prazo (1 mês a 5 anos). Este nível é basicamente meu “fundo de emergência”. Na fase de acumulação, seria mantido entre 6 meses a um ano de despesas. Agora, mantenho cinco anos de despesas, pois estou muito mais dependente de uma renda de portfólio instável e há menos renda de trabalho estável (capital humano). O dinheiro chega trimestralmente de cima e é retirado mensalmente para despesas domésticas. Este nível é “gerenciado ativamente”, pois pretendo obter retornos mais elevados sem risco extra para o principal (tudo é segurado pelo governo dos EUA / FDIC / NCUA).

  • Poupança líquida. Cerca de um ano de despesas é mantido em uma conta de poupança 100% líquida. A localização pode variar, mas o padrão é Ally Bank, já que eles têm um bom equilíbrio de taxas decentes, interface de usuário sólida para transferências interbancárias e atendimento ao cliente humano. Você também pode criar várias contas de poupança, todas sem saldo mínimo.
  • Certificados de depósito, etc. Os outros 4 anos de despesas são movidos aproximadamente para uma escala de CD de 5 anos, ajustados com base nas taxas. Também podem ser usados ​​títulos de capitalização e letras do tesouro, desde que tenham preços competitivos. Tentei tirar proveito das taxas de CD quando eram de 3,5 a 4% APY. Escrevo sobre essas oportunidades bancárias regularmente e faço um resumo mensal.
  • Bônus do banco. Se as taxas dos CDs não valerem a pena, o dinheiro também pode ser otimizado por meio de promoções bancárias. Os bancos oferecem a você um incentivo para experimentar o produto deles e eu aceito a oferta se os termos forem aceitáveis. Também escrevo sobre essas oportunidades aqui à medida que aparecem.

Necessidades do dia a dia. A cada mês, uma transferência de “contracheque” vai da poupança para a conta. Sempre que possível, nossas despesas do dia-a-dia são colocadas em cartões de crédito para acionar os melhores bônus de cartão de crédito. Após o período de folga, é pago integralmente na verificação. Uma compra maior pode exigir um saque direto da conta poupança (ou seja, pagamentos estimados de impostos) ou uma transferência única para o cheque (ou seja, consertar a geladeira). Eu também uso o Ally Checking, já que você pode atribuir uma de suas contas de poupança como uma fonte de backup de saque a descoberto gratuito.

Este design inclui alguns recursos específicos.

  • A economia de até 401k é automática e em primeiro lugar, o que é crítico quando essa é a sua principal fonte de economia. Deve acontecer sem qualquer necessidade de energia. Sem esforço, sem lembretes.
  • A renda do trabalho é separada de nossos gastos. No estágio de acumulação, você deseja obter salários maiores ao longo do tempo, mas tenta ao máximo ignorá-los quando se trata de gastos. Em vez disso, toda a renda se mistura e o primeiro lugar onde ela chega são os investimentos de longo prazo. Na semi-aposentadoria, nossas rendas flutuam (bastante para baixo em 2020) e suavizamos as coisas com retiradas de carteira.
  • As flutuações da carteira também são atenuadas por um grande balde de dinheiro. É mais fácil dormir à noite quando você tem cinco anos de despesas em dinheiro disponível. Não precisávamos de tanto caixa na fase de acumulação, mas quando você confia no mercado de ações para parte da sua renda mensal, realmente ajuda. É psicológico? Sim.
  • O passatempo “divertido” é opcional. Não tem vontade de perseguir taxas? Basta consolidar em um banco. Não se sente como um cartão de crédito diferente a cada trimestre? Basta mudar para um.
  • Todas as contas são conjuntas sempre que possível. Isso é simplesmente o que funcionou melhor para nós.

De qualquer forma, é assim que funciona para nós. Essa transferência mensal da poupança para o cheque me dá uma ideia aproximada de nossos gastos mensais e, portanto, anuais. Contanto que esse número permaneça uma porcentagem razoável de nosso portfólio total, as coisas estão felizes. Tivemos muita sorte e não quero desperdiçá-la.

“O conteúdo editorial aqui não é fornecido por nenhuma das empresas mencionadas e não foi revisado, aprovado ou endossado por qualquer uma dessas entidades. As opiniões expressas aqui são apenas do autor. Este e-mail pode conter links pelos quais somos compensados ​​quando você clica ou é aprovado para ofertas. ”

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A história do piloto de Warren Buffett: a importância de fazer uma lista de tarefas que não devem ser feitas

Mesmo antes de COVID, eu odiava aquela sensação no final do dia que vem depois de correr, mas não ser capaz de listar nada realizado. Aqui está uma ideia útil do que chamo de história de Warren Buffett e seu piloto. Eu li algumas versões diferentes de várias fontes e, honestamente, nem sei se nenhuma delas é verdadeira. Este foi retirado do livro Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance, de Angela Duckworth:

Warren Buffett – o multibilionário que se fez sozinho e cuja riqueza pessoal, adquirida inteiramente durante sua própria vida, é quase o dobro da doação da Universidade de Harvard – supostamente deu a seu piloto um processo simples de três etapas para priorização.

A história é a seguinte: Buffett se volta para seu piloto fiel e diz que ele deve ter sonhos maiores do que voar com Buffett para onde ele precisa ir. O piloto confessa que sim. E então Buffett o conduz por três etapas.

Primeiro, você escreve uma lista de 25 objetivos de carreira.

Em segundo lugar, você faz um exame de consciência e circunda os cinco objetivos de maior prioridade. Apenas cinco.

Terceiro, você dá uma boa olhada nas vinte metas que você não circulou. Isso você evita a todo custo. Eles são o que o distraem; eles consomem tempo e energia, desviando seus olhos dos objetivos que mais importam.

(Observe que isto é de um livro sobre não desistir!)

A criação dessa lista fornece um parâmetro claro no final de cada dia. Você fez algum progresso em relação aos seus 5 principais objetivos? Mesmo um pequeno progresso faz com que o dia pareça bem gasto. Um problema comum é que nem mesmo saber quais são esses 5 principais objetivos.

No entanto, igualmente, se não mais importante, é a segunda lista. Em vez da lista de tarefas pendentes em expansão, precisamos de uma lista de tarefas NÃO pendentes. Para sermos verdadeiramente produtivos, precisamos estar dispostos a nos concentrar nas coisas mais importantes e não apenas ignorar as coisas sem importância, mas Além disso ignore as coisas simplesmente não tão importantes. Você tem apenas uma quantidade limitada de tempo e energia (foco). Como alguém com tendências completistas e perfeccionistas, isso é difícil!

Fazer isso corretamente significa desistir de uma meta boa e respeitável (pelo menos temporariamente). Por exemplo, optei por desistir de buscar imóveis para alugar e imóveis residenciais. Também passo o mínimo de tempo no Facebook / Twitter / Instagram, embora possa ser útil para pesquisa, networking e marketing. Isso pode estar perto do topo da lista de outra pessoa, mas não no topo da minha lista pessoal. Ainda não sinto que tenho tempo suficiente, mas é bom deixar de me sentir culpado por não fazer algo que outras pessoas de sucesso fazem.

Este conceito pode ser aplicado a muitas áreas diferentes da vida. O dinheiro também é finito, então temos um orçamento. Você deve ter duas listas: O que você pode cortar? Sim. Mas também, o que você ama tanto e quer gastar mais? Idealmente, agora você tem um motivo positivo que o motiva a fazer essa mudança.

Marie Kondo criou uma marca inteira ao aplicar isso para se livrar de suas coisas. Eu não pretendo compreender seu ethos completamente, mas minha opinião é que você pode gastar mais dinheiro (e espaço e tempo) na lista de coisas que “trazem alegria” se você se livrar da outra lista de coisas que ” você realmente não precisa, mas ainda não consegue dar ”. (Ainda estou trabalhando neste também.)

“O conteúdo editorial aqui não é fornecido por nenhuma das empresas mencionadas e não foi revisado, aprovado ou endossado por qualquer uma dessas entidades. As opiniões expressas aqui são apenas do autor. Este e-mail pode conter links pelos quais somos compensados ​​quando você clica ou é aprovado para ofertas. ”

A história do piloto de Warren Buffett: A importância de fazer uma lista de itens a fazer no My Money Blog.

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Avaliação Experian Boost: Melhore sua pontuação de crédito gratuitamente adicionando o histórico de pagamentos de serviços públicos

Se você também é culpado de assistir mais TV atualmente, você deve ter visto este estranho comercial de TV (incorporado abaixo) de um produto chamado Experian Boost que promete “aumentar sua pontuação de crédito instantaneamente”. Normalmente, produtos bons e honestos não precisam de um comercial enigmático, então eu estava cético. Presumi que a Experian faria você pagar de alguma forma para melhorar sua pontuação de crédito. Acontece que eu estava errado. O serviço é gratuito e até faz sentido lógico, ao contrário do comercial.

Basicamente, a ideia é que você possa incluir seus pagamentos em dia para empresas de serviços públicos, como telefone, internet, eletricidade, gás e até contas de telefone celular. Aqui estão alguns detalhes adicionais:

  • O Experian Boost inclui apenas pagamentos dentro do prazo, portanto, só pode melhorar sua pontuação de crédito e nunca piorá-la do que antes. Observe que dívidas de contas de serviços públicos não pagas sempre puderam diminuir sua pontuação de crédito.
  • A prova de pagamentos pontuais de serviços públicos é feita vinculando suas contas bancárias ou de cartão de crédito, onde você deve enviar seu nome de usuário e senha (semelhante à vinculação entre contas de poupança online). Eles reivindicam a criptografia SSL usual e medidas de segurança de nível bancário. Ao analisar suas transações, eles estão procurando pelo menos 3 pagamentos nos últimos 6 meses.
  • “O Experian Boost se aplica à maioria das pontuações de crédito que os credores usam, incluindo o FICO® Score básico, bem como pontuações de cartões bancários, hipotecas e automóveis.” É bom que inclua os outros “sabores” FICO.
  • O Experian Boost altera apenas o seu relatório de crédito Experian, por isso não afetará as suas pontuações baseadas no TransUnion ou Equifax. Nem todos os credores verificam a Experian.

Quanto o Experian Boost pode melhorar sua pontuação de crédito? Aqui está o que eles dizem:

Com base nos dados da Experian, 10% das pessoas que anteriormente não tinham informações suficientes em seu arquivo de crédito para ter uma pontuação de crédito tornaram-se pontuáveis ​​após usar a ferramenta. Além disso, 75% das pessoas com FICO® Score abaixo de 680 viram uma melhora em sua pontuação depois de adicionar informações de pagamento de serviços públicos a seus relatórios.

O anúncio de TV afirma que “minha pontuação de crédito subiu 13 pontos!”, Portanto, devemos ter expectativas relativamente modestas. Além disso, a citação acima sugere que a melhoria será mais significativa para pontuações de crédito mais baixas. Minhas notas são relativamente altas, mas decidi experimentá-lo mesmo assim, apenas para ter certeza de que é realmente gratuito.

Esta é a página de inscrição inicial, que confirma como eles sabem que você pagou suas contas de serviços públicos:

Aqui está minha pontuação de crédito antes adicionar qualquer informação de utilitário. Já tenho um excelente histórico de crédito, e era um sinal sinistro de que não havia número na seção de “aumento médio”. Sinto que geralmente diz algo como “+10 aumento médio de pontos ”em vez de um espaço em branco.

Tenho uma conta gratuita existente na Experian e recusei a opção de fazer upgrade para o nível pago. Consegui prosseguir sem fornecer a eles nenhum cartão de crédito ou informações de pagamento bancário, portanto, este não é um teste gratuito. É totalmente gratuito.

O processo é como vincular outras contas por meio do Plaid e serviços semelhantes. Você fornece informações de login e também precisa inserir tokens de autenticação de dois fatores (códigos de mensagem de texto, etc.).

Leva algum tempo para que eles verifiquem suas transações, mas deve ser concluído enquanto você espera. (Em outras palavras, não exatamente “instantaneamente”, mas perto o suficiente.) Foi aqui que obtive a informação de que eles estão procurando especificamente por um histórico de pelo menos 3 pagamentos nos últimos 6 meses.

Após a conclusão, você receberá uma confirmação por e-mail:

Depois de adicionar minhas contas de serviços públicos auto-relatadas, fui recompensado com … nenhum aumento na pontuação FICO. Aqui está a mensagem que recebi:

Eu acho que faz sentido. Anteriormente, eu já tinha um longo histórico de evidências de que era altamente provável que pagasse quaisquer dívidas. Depois de considerar essa evidência adicional … era igualmente provável que eu pagasse minhas dívidas. O Experian Boost é provavelmente melhor para aqueles que têm algumas manchas e poderiam usar um pouco de evidência positiva adicionada à mistura.

Resultado final. Experian Boost é uma maneira gratuita de melhorar potencialmente sua pontuação de crédito baseada na Experian adicionando pagamentos de serviços públicos e contas de telefone no prazo. Eu testei e era realmente gratuito, sem necessidade de cartão de crédito nem testes para cancelar, embora você tenha que compartilhar seus dados de transações bancárias. Embora gratuito para todos, este serviço será mais útil para aqueles com alguns defeitos em seus relatórios de crédito.

“O conteúdo editorial aqui não é fornecido por nenhuma das empresas mencionadas e não foi revisado, aprovado ou endossado por qualquer uma dessas entidades. As opiniões expressas aqui são apenas do autor. Este e-mail pode conter links pelos quais somos compensados ​​quando você clica ou é aprovado para ofertas. ”

Experian Boost Review: melhore sua pontuação de crédito de graça adicionando o histórico de pagamentos de utilitários do blog My Money.

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